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Domains : Substance Abuse

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Overall Rank Primary Domain Additional Domain(s) Measure Title
19 Patients with Comorbid Conditions Accessibility, Patients with Substance Abuse Access to relapse prevention treatments of established efficacy should be facilitated for alcohol dependent patients. Display Detailed
50 Competence Patients with Substance Abuse, Patients with Comorbid Conditions Provision of interventions that have specific focus on alcohol and those that are multi-component, as these can increase the engagement of general practitioners in screening and giving advice for hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption. Display Detailed
93 Patients with Comorbid Conditions Patients with Substance Abuse Brief intervention by a primary health care provider using the stages of change model for adult patients with comorbid substance abuse disorders. Display Detailed
  Best in Domain Most highly rated measure for the identified primary domain.
Use checkboxes to select measures to print or display Showing results 1 to 3 of 3              

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