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Domains : Family Involvement

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Overall Rank Primary Domain Additional Domain(s) Measure Title
8 Patients with Psychosis Accessibility, Family Involvement Best in Domain Family interventions should be offered to families of individuals with schizophrenia who have experienced a recent relapse or have persisting symptoms, and are living with or in close contact with their family.  Key intervention elements include duration of at least 9 months, illness education, crisis intervention, emotional support, and training in how to cope with illness symptoms and related problems. Display Detailed
15 Children Continuity, Family Involvement Best in Domain One or more visits with adult caregiver of child (13 years old or younger) within 3 months of the child being treated for a psychiatric or substance-related disorder. Display Detailed
43 Children Family Involvement Parents can access attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) management skills through ADHD support groups, advocacy groups, and parent skills training services. Display Detailed
66 Rehabilitation Self-Management Support, Family Involvement New users of care and their families are provided with resources (i.e., the Working Together Toward Recovery toolkit produced by the Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Initiative (CCMHI)) to enable them to be effective partners in treatment and recovery. Display Detailed
  Best in Domain Most highly rated measure for the identified primary domain.
Use checkboxes to select measures to print or display Showing results 1 to 4 of 4              

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