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Domains : Psychosis

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Overall Rank Primary Domain Additional Domain(s) Measure Title
8 Patients with Psychosis Accessibility, Family Involvement Best in Domain Family interventions should be offered to families of individuals with schizophrenia who have experienced a recent relapse or have persisting symptoms, and are living with or in close contact with their family.  Key intervention elements include duration of at least 9 months, illness education, crisis intervention, emotional support, and training in how to cope with illness symptoms and related problems. Display Detailed
12 Patient-Centeredness Legal, Patients with Psychosis Best in Domain Health professionals should make all efforts necessary to ensure that a service user can give meaningful and properly informed consent before treatment is initiated, giving adequate time for discussion and the provision of written information. Display Detailed
21 Patients with Psychosis Physical Health Intervention General practitioners and other primary health workers should regularly monitor and record the physical health of people with schizophrenia (registered) in their practice. Display Detailed
30 Patients with Psychosis Continuity, Prevention Relapse monitoring plan for people in a stable phase of schizophrenia. Display Detailed
34 Patients with Psychosis Rehabilitation Social, group and physical activities are an important aspect of comprehensive service provision for people with schizophrenia as the acute phase recedes, and afterwards. All care plans should record the arrangements for social, group and physical activities. Display Detailed
59 Shared Care Patients with Psychosis, Physical Health Intervention Primary health care and secondary (specialized mental health care) services, in conjunction with the service user, should jointly identify which service will take responsibility for assessing and monitoring the physical health care needs of service users. This should be documented in both primary and secondary care notes/care plans and clearly recorded by care coordinators and case managers. Display Detailed
75 Rehabilitation School-based Mental Health Services, Patients with Psychosis Youth and adults diagnosed with severe mental illness (e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or severe anxiety disorder) should be offered modifications in standard academic educational programs (e.g. college, high school) which allow them to learn at their own pace within a personalized support program. Display Detailed
76 Patients with Acute Conditions Patient-Centeredness, Patients with Psychosis Percentage of individuals suffering from serious mental illness with jointly developed crisis plans containing advance directives detailing the individual's treatment choices in the event of an acute episode of illness. Display Detailed
86 Patients with Psychosis Shared Care, Continuity The decision to refer a service user from primary health care to specialized mental health services should take into account the views of the service user and consider: treatment adherence problems, a poor response to treatment, co-morbid substance misuse, increased level of risk to self or others, a person with schizophrenia first joining a general practitioner practice list, rehabilitation assessment is required. Display Detailed
117 Patients with Psychosis Psychotherapy, Accessibility All individuals with schizophrenia who are experiencing persisting psychotic symptoms should be offered cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for psychosis. Display Detailed
128 Patients with Psychosis Early Detection, Accessibility Mean age at first treatment contact for persons with psychotic disorders. Display Detailed
143 Patients with Psychosis Patients with Chronic Conditions All individuals with schizophrenia within primary health care are recorded on a case register. Display Detailed
  Best in Domain Most highly rated measure for the identified primary domain.
Use checkboxes to select measures to print or display Showing results 1 to 12 of 12              

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