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Domains : Acceptability

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Overall Rank Primary Domain Additional Domain(s) Measure Title
79 Equity Acceptability, Patient-Centeredness Annual rates of use of mental health services per 100,000 population in the local health region, broken out by geography (e.g., rural/urban, health region), socio-demographics (e.g., age, ethnicity, gender), clinical conditions (e.g., depression) and provider setting (e.g., solo general practitioner practice). Display Detailed
85 Patient-Centeredness Acceptability Patient reports that staff are sensitive to their cultural/ethnic background. Display Detailed
91 Equity Continuity, Acceptability Mental health follow-up rates (e.g., repeat visit after initial visit) across racial/ethnic groups. Display Detailed
107 Patient-Centeredness Acceptability, Satisfaction Number of self-identified consumers and family members on governing, advisory, or planning bodies involved in quality measurement / improvement activities. Display Detailed
109 Patient-Centeredness Satisfaction, Acceptability Use of the Patient Experience Questionnaire (PEQ), a brief questionnaire developed to measure patient-centered care in primary health care settings. Display Detailed
119 Accessibility Acceptability, Continuity Use of a standardized but brief scale (i.e., the Primary Care Assessment Tool (PCAT) access subscale) to measure access to primary health care. Display Detailed
138 Accessibility Acceptability, Physical Health Intervention Proportion of persons with serious mental illness who had at least one physician visit for non-psychiatric reasons during the last year. Display Detailed
154 Accessibility Acceptability Percentage of adult patients seen within 15 minutes of their appointment. Display Detailed
  Best in Domain Most highly rated measure for the identified primary domain.
Use checkboxes to select measures to print or display Showing results 1 to 8 of 8              

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